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We consider ourselves to be part of a team effort geared toward promoting excellent service


The Bass Company has been performing customer service evaluations since 1951. We are very proud of the quality and contents of each evaluation and our clients have voiced their appreciation. The following testimonials demonstrates our dedication to an outstanding product and the effectiveness of the service.

By producing an evaluation form that lists the expectations required of our salespeople and cashiers, it has become an excellent method to communicate our expectations to our employees.
Owner- Retail store

Being able to tailor the individual evaluation forms to the respective position/responsibilities and weighting the scoring of certain expectations to emphasize their importance has been an important tool contributing to the continued success of our company.
Regional administrator – Financial Institution

Since utilizing the service, I have seen a noticeable increase in the purchase of extra and add-on items (e.g., avocado, additional cheese). This service has helped our employees become more aware of promoting the up-selling of items.
Owner – Multiple sandwich store locations

By utilizing this service, our employees have improved their customer service and selling skills. The utilization of these skills has become more consistent especially in asking clarifying questions and encouraging the potential business.
Marketing Director – Financial Institution

Our guests are our number one asset and they need to feel special. By using this service, it has helped us monitor the treatment they receive in all the different areas/departments throughout the Park.
Manager – Recreational Park

We have hired the Bass Company to visit our competitors to determine how our customer service and selling skills compare to other similar operations.
Manager – Financial Institution

Utilizing this service has been beneficial when I am not working or present in the store; i.e., on weekends and vacations. The employees know that the store could be visited by an evaluator. They serve as my “eyes” and “ears” during this period.
Owner – Retail store


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