Alert - If you received a letter and check from "Bass Reports" please click here immediately

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Scam Alert

There are disreputable companies and individuals scamming shoppers. Be assured that these practices have nothing to do with our organization. Unfortunately, our company was the victim of a recent mail scam. We have reported the situation to the United States Postal Inspection Service for investigation.

If you received a check or money order asking you to shop at Walmart or another retail store please realize this is a scam. Bass Reports does not do business this way. You should destroy the check or money order and do not attempt to cash it.

Unfortunately, these fraudulent companies use various names or web addresses of reputable companies like ours in their solicitations and emails. Some scammers even use email addresses or websites which spoof those of legitimate companies. Our website address is If you are directed to a website claiming to be Bass Reports but with a different address, it is NOT our website. We also do not solicit people to sign up with us via email. The only way to apply to shop with us is on our website and we only operate in Southern California.

‚ÄčThis matter has been reported to the United States Postal Inspection Service for investigation. The Case ID is 134817259 and their phone number is 1-877-876-2455 if you would like to contact them directly.


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